Royce Isaacs Collection

That’s I, S, Double A, C and put a dollar sign on the end of it. Royce Isaacs is money. He’s also one of the most vicious and unpredictable competitors in Paragon Pro Wrestling. With “The Producer” Christian Cole in his corner, Isaacs is a force of nature in the ring.


  • Episode 36 vs Mikey O'Shea
  • Episode 41 vs Jessy Sorenson
  • Episode 44 vs Mikey O'Shea
  • Episode 45 vs Anthony Green
  • Episode 46 vs Darin Corbin
  • Episode 48 vs Caleb Konley, Drew Donovan, James Riley, Jessy Sorensen, Gangrel, Wes Brisco, and Alex Chamberlain